Image of Healin’s Founder, Karen Millon. She is a trauma informed Certified Professional Life Coach

Ready To Achieve Amazing Results?

Healin’s Founder, Karen Millon, is a trauma informed Certified Professional Life Coach, and the host of the Healin Podcast. She will personally lead your journey to achieving the amazing results you need and deserve in every single area of your life:

  • amazing – romantic relationships
  • friends and family connections
  • children
  • health and body weight
  • business and careers

Are you professionally thriving and personally suffering or vice-versa? Feeling stuck? Have you been told that you would profit from life coaching or therapy and don’t know where to start? Or have you read many “How To” books but have struggled to apply them? Or have you gone to therapy for years with little results?

You are in the right place!

This is the place where you get a trauma informed, Certified Professional Coach, to give the support you have been looking for, to up the level every area of your life and to start to finally achieve amazing results.

Healin TM

You are Not Alone

Research Shows that it is Hard to Achieve Alone

Do you know that meta-analysis of several research papers has proven that working with a certified professional coach will speed your growth journey and get you results faster?

Do you know that all professional athletes and leaders who are already capable get the support of a Certified Coach?

Whether it is through reading the book on how Karen was able to achieve amazing results, or listening to the podcast to learn more about coaching and all the available healing modalities, or working directly with Karen, or one of our Healin Certified Coaches, we are personally committed to leading your journey to achieving amazing RESULTS both – personally and professionally!

Let’s Walk Through Your HealIN Journey

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You will learn more about coaching and all the different deeper healing modalities.

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Read the book, An Amazing Divorce to learn how Karen was able to achieve An Amazing Divorce and get inspired.

New book release coming in 2023: An Amazing Marriage, What to Do To Achieve It.

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If you are ready and eager to up your level in every area of your life, book your Initial Complimentary Consultation

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Achieve Your Goals with One-on-One Professional Support

The goal at HealIn Networks Inc. is to lead and support hundreds of ambitious individuals to get results and drastically change their lives and achieve significantly healthier and amazing marriages, divorces, children, health and weight and careers/businesses that are in line with their purpose and values.  This may include working directly with Karen through your entire journey, or working with one of our Certified Professional Coaches. You could also insert 3-6 deep therapy sessions with one of our vetted certified therapists in the HealIN network! All referred and managed by HealIn to ensure your growth toward achieving what you came here for.

More About HealIn Coaching Services

Professional Support for Every Path

I have been there; truly. I have been where you are at.  Not for a few years, but for 17 years!

I know how it feels to have achieved professionally and financially but felt incredibly unsatisfied and unhappy at home and at work. I had been unable to do anything about it for years.  I know what it is like to fill that void by constantly staying busy working, entertaining every single weekend and drinking. But I also knew that was not making me happy.

After over 10 years of talking about it with friends and a therapist, I found that getting professional help and support from a Certified Professional Coach and EMDR Therapist was the perfect mix for me to get challenged, identify core values and needs, heal ingrained childhood negative limiting beliefs that kept me where I did not want to be, heal-in, and radically and quickly gain the emotional health I needed to achieve what I deserved – both personally and professionally.

Now that I’m on the other side, there is nothing that I would rather do than to lead your healIn to achieve the same amazing results you deserve.

Follow me on Instagram at @healinwithkaren to learn more about my results.

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What do you need today?

You have the degrees, the tittles, the home or homes of your dreams, the children. But …

  • You have been unhappily married for a while now, can’t stop fighting or arguing and want to not only safe your marriage but to significantly improve its peace, happiness and connection?
  • You rarely argue, but find yourself in a loveless, sexless marriage for multiple months and even years and want to feel desired and connected?
  • You think you want to get divorced, or just got divorced and want to make it as painless and peaceful as possible for you and for the children?
  • You won’t stop yelling at your child or children, or your teenager can’t stand you and you want to parent better?
  • You have been single for years but would love to find healthy, lasting love again?
  • You often feel alone and would like to build more friendships and close connections but don’t know how?
  • You want to lose weight and get healthier, buteither can’t get motivated to start incorporating healthier habits or have not seen any results?
  • All you do is work, often feel “burnt out” and would like to achieve work-life balance but life and work feels to overwhelming and it feels impossible to stop?
  • You want to pursue a promotion or ask for a raise but need support?
  • You want to finally start your own practice and/or build/grow revenues in your own business? But you are stuck in analysis paralysis and keep procrastinating?
  • You feel imposter syndrome at work and feel like it is starting to affect your performance?
  • You want to make a decisions about your marriage, career, business or move?
  • Or all of the above?

Working with a Certified Coach is all about making decisions, getting RESULTS and starting to achieve the life you want and deserve.

Find resources, workshops and experts to help you on your journey.

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Learn and get inspired to heal from experts and healers to help you on your journey.

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What do you need today?

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More Resources Delivered to Your Inbox

Healin is committed to equipping you for your healing journey. Sign up below to receive emails with more healing resources and updates.