Karen Millon

Am I a Victim of Trauma?

Trauma is such a big and scary word. Many of us recall not experiencing serious physical abuse, sexual abuse or having had any “traumatic” incident. So, you might ask yourself, are you a victim of trauma? Trauma is one of the biggest equalizers. It doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care who you are or how much Am I a Victim of Trauma?

Do I Need Healing?

So you’re here, and I’m here talking about healing. Perhaps you’re here on purpose looking for healing. Or perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, I’m pretty healthy and happy, and I do fairly well in life. Isn’t healing mostly needed by people severely debilitated by trauma? Do I need healing, too? The honest answer is that Do I Need Healing?

Welcome to the HealIn Blog

Welcome, and thank you for happening upon my blog! My name is Karen Millon, a healing and transformational life coach, host of the HealIn podcast, and author of An Amazing Divorce: What you Can Do For Yourself, For Each Other and For the Children to Achieve It.  I was born in Colombia and raised there Welcome to the HealIn Blog