How one woman used a focus on healing, having clarity and following spiritual values to achieve an amazing divorce

If abruptly leaving her husband after 17 years for another man wasn’t shocking enough, Karen Millon chose a “radical” alternative to the too-often seen tumultuous divorce.

Through a focus on healing, clarity and spiritual values, Karen followed her own path to healing. This path led to a respectful co-parenting relationship, and more uniquely, a genuine friendship between herself, her ex-husband, and her new love.

In An Amazing Divorce, she shares pragmatic ways to cultivate a peaceful and amicable break-up. Her story details what she did for herself, as well as what she, her ex-husband, and her new husband did for each other and for their children to achieve an amazing divorce. It’s also a story of hope. She knows that if she could do it, you can do it too!

“If divorce is what is best for you and your children in the long term, do it with clear intentions, be committed to heal and to truly make it better for you and your children.”

– Karen Millon

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