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Hosted by Karen Millon, the Healin Podcast explores different forms of trauma and all the available modalities for deep healing. Based on Karen’s own experiences with trauma and deep, intense healing, the podcast brings awareness to the power of healing and all the ways we can achieve it.

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Have you heard the podcast and have a new modality to add? Do you combine a set of different healing modalities or have a unique perspective on healing? We discuss all the healing modalities because we believe, when practiced and experienced in combination, healing is taken to the next level.


“When I met Karen, I was on my way out of the marriage. At first, I wanted to celebrate, and I did for a long time. But Karen reminded me of the importance of grieving. When my grieving started, I cried and mourned for 3 weeks straight. Karen was there to comfort me and guide me every single day. She helped me put together a vision of what I wanted in my ideal partner, a realization of what I deserved, and propelled me to go to therapy to heal. I knew that I needed to find a way to live a healthy, balanced life, and that is one of the many things that Karen is really good at. She really inspired me to find a healthy way to eat which led me to share her healthy recipes and join weightwatchers. This is a constant battle for me; however, Karen has truly inspired and motivated me stay on track. During therapy, I discovered things that I did not even realize needed healing. It was amazing, and I would not be where I am today without Karen encouraging me to take time to heal. Through healing, I achieved my health goals, met and married the man of my dreams, and am truly living the ‘happily ever after.’ Know this, too: once you heal, you need to maintain it by continuing what you discovered during your healing journey. Thank you, Karen Millon. Wise, authentic, caring, loving, smart, beautiful…”

- Becky Larson, Minneapolis, MN

“I got divorced in 2017 and I wish I’d had Karen’s book or access to her podcasts back then! I had a terrible divorce, and it has been a challenge to co-parent and communicate (via a court app). Karen has been a tremendous help even this late in the game. My mentality and perspective have completely changed. I now understand I need to pick my battles so I can give my kids the emotional stability they need. I’ve been able to let go of my anger and frustration and finally come to a place where I feel grateful for what we had because it gave us our two beautiful kids. I have learned a lot from Karen and have begun the healing process, digging deep within myself. I realize I was full of anger and resentment and recognize how this has been affecting my children. I love that I’m now able to recognize my emotions, to stop and think first, choose my words carefully, and be respectful despite my feelings, since after all my ex is the father of my kids. I know she will be as helpful to others as she was to me, ideally earlier in the process to protect the little ones.”

- Sylvanna Barrera, Florida, USA

“Working with Karen gave me the clarity I had been lacking. Her holistic approach is unique. Karen’s background in business combined with her keen interest in healing trauma allowed her to navigate conversations about my divorce as well as my next steps in my career. You don’t find that with a lot of coaches. I highly recommend working with Karen.”

- Sarah McKeracher, Ontario, Canada

"I hired Karen Millon to help me arrive at a market entry strategy. Her analysis of the landscape and insight was consistent and right and very beneficial for me and the company. Her resourcefulness and ability to introduce me to important connections to validate the different approaches were second to none. Her professionalism and delivery of information were reliable, timely, and professional. Highly recommended."

- Heinz Hugli, Switzerland

“For as long as I remember I have had a therapist. Within a few sessions with Karen I was able to uncover and understand patterns of thinking that therapy was never able to uncover. Karen is extremely talented and insightful, she is able to quickly identify areas and wounds and gets to work on them immediately. My favorite part of working with Karen as a coach is her goal-oriented, future focused approach. We do delve into the past, but rather than ruminate there, we focus on ways to make my past empower my future. And perhaps the best part about Karen as a coach is the obvious passion for what she does. It shows in the quality of her work, she listens to every detail and doesn’t miss a beat in getting to know everything abut the client. I get something out of every session and come out feeling stronger, wiser, and more empowered.”

- Melissa Kalil, Chicago, USA

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